From the RAAF to ostrich farming, Ernie has led an adventurous life, and moving into Carlyle Gardens Townsville is yet another adventure in that long list.

At 18, Ernie joined the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) at Butterworth Malaya in 1960, a position that took him to many parts of the world, including Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. He married his wife, Jennifer, who worked for the WRAAF, over the phone after he was posted in Darwin and she in Perth.

After retiring from the RAAF in 1982, Ernie spent time improving their home at Mount Louisa, as well as joining the RAAF Reserve, doing bulk mail runs, and venturing into ostrich farming on Hervey Range.

The couple moved into Carlyle Gardens Townsville in 2002 but that didn’t mean they were slowing down – rather, they became very active on several committees.

“I had to make an appointment just to see my wife, she was secretary of everything that moved,” Ernie laughs. “We enjoyed this hectic lifestyle at first but, in later years, we also enjoyed tapering off and relaxing. We were able to do many cruises and overseas tours knowing that our house was safe and being looked after.”

Since Jennifer’s passing, Ernie enjoys the company of his long-time neighbours and has chosen to lead a quieter life and spend much of his time bowling.

He encourages anyone considering retirement living at Carlyle Gardens Townsville to begin their own adventure. “I have not met a single person who has regretted the move.”

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