Janet well remembers May 25, 2018 – it was the day the pictures in the Carlyle Gardens Mackay brochures became her real life.

It all began when Janet’s daughter and son-in-law visited an open day at the retirement village.

“They encouraged me to come and visit, to see for myself,” she says.

“I did! I flew up to Mackay from my home in Brisbane and at the appointed time met the lovely lady who would introduce me to the village and its significant potential.”

She says the feeling of ‘home’ was immediate.

“I found the kindest and most generous of people live here and such various activities in which I can take part in, or not, go for a swim, or walk admiring the homes and gardens, stopping for a chat.”

Before Janet retired, she was matron of a private school in Toowoomba, and wrote in her spare time.

“Now I have the time to pursue my love of writing; time to revisit lovely memories of my husband and children and the past,” she says.

Janet is proud to show off her tropical home to friends and family.

“The joy and pleasure in living here, a new adventure – that cannot be understated. This is my story and it’s certainly not the end!”

Find out more about Carlyle Gardens Mackay, or call us on 07 4848 2973.

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